The Knowledge-First International Academy (KFIA) is the International campus of the KNOWLEDGE-FIRST EMPOWERMENT ACADEMY, a nonprofit, accredited K-12 school incorporated in 2001 in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. We provide educational services that inspire exceptionality while providing for the attainment of proficiencies that lead to lifelong resiliency.

We also create opportunities for learners to engage and contribute to higher-level thinking activities as we fashion our academic and enrichment components to inspire critical and diverse thinking. Our empowermental components augment the reasoning capability and maximize the unique potential of all learners. 

Having developed our educational strategies in the United States of America, we have long sought an opportunity to reach others throughout the globe and to assist learners from other countries and nationalities. We believe learners everywhere should be provided an opportunity to maximize their potential through the Knowledge-First paradigm and geographical dynamics should NOT play a role or become a barrier to those who wish the very best education for themselves or their family. 

It is with this belief and the desire to be a benefit to all of mankind that we have expanded into the African shores with the establishment of the Nigerian Campus and the impact of the “knowledge-first” paradigm in our local communities is making tremendous changes and positive progress in providing access to quality, affordable and effective educational opportunities to all.