The KNOWLEDGE-FIRST INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY (KFI ACADEMY) is the international campus of the KNOWLEDGE-FIRST EMPOWERMENT CENTRE, a non-profit, non-traditional High School Incorporated in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. in 2001. We are a government accredited High School offering educational services to students and certifying them with the AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. In a bid to offer more value and opportunities to our expanding student population, particularly our international students we opened the international campus to ensure that we equip them with the necessary tools, resources and certifications to access quality, affordable and world class educational opportunities globally.

Our educational program will allow Senior Secondary Students to gain an accredited American High School Diploma from the U.S.A. thus granting them equal access to higher education globally.

We believe that geographical dynamics should NOT play a role or become a barrier to those who wish the very best education for themselves or their family.  It is with this belief and the desire to be a benefit to all of mankind that we introduce Knowledge-First to you.



The KFI Academy 4 Months Accelerated Program is a specially designed curriculum for international students to be certified with the American High School Diploma. Our track makes it possible for almost anyone to get the American High School Diploma and further their education in the U.S, Europe, Canada, U.K in a way that best suits their lifestyle.

The KFIA is a school that is designed to meet the individual needs of each student.  Hence our approach is bespoke and customized to the needs and peculiarities of our students while maintaining the essential elements of the traditional model.

To accomplish this, we have ensured that

  1. The KFIA meets state requirements for earning the 26 credits needed to obtain an American High School Diploma.
  2. All our students must complete an assessment exam and provide a copy of previous education transcript(s) to allow us to determine how well a student will perform academically and to decipher what grade level or educational background the student possesses.
  3. Our faculty and staff provide additional assistance and training in the areas that the student needs to earn credits in.     
  4. Our students are educated and tested in the following but not limited to Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.
  5. Additionally, students who successfully complete our program are more readily prepared to take state tests such as the TSI exam, the THEA as well as the SAT / ACT exams.

Our curriculum meets and exceeds the training and subject area requirements to successfully complete the above entrance exams needed for higher-level education. 



For those who have completed Secondary Certificate AND also for those with a Bachelor's degree and wish to further their education in America, this program is for you. Introducing . . . the Knowledge-First Accelerated (16 weeks) Program.

Knowledge-First International Academy (KFI) presents, an opportunity to study in America at the university level without the burden of having to take foundation courses once you reach America. Here is a chance to find out how to save time and money, while accessing scholarships and low-cost tuition.

** ALL CLASSES are determined by the needs of the student as indicated by a Mandatory Student Assessment given to each student AND by the student's official secondary and/or college transcript. Student's course selection will be individualized based on these indicators.


Without a high school diploma that America recognizes, students may spend up to an extra 12 or 18 months taking courses that are missing from their transcript. Moreover, these courses are taken at the International fees! So you can clearly see, rather than traveling to America to be told that your High School diploma is NOT RECOGNIZED, students who attend the KFI Academy, travel abroad with an American High School Diploma and are granted entrance to the college or university of their choice without the burden of paying extra fees, attending foundation courses/program and wasting valuable time!

In addition, our program also includes a devotion to preparation for College and University Entrance Requirements. Preparation for the SAT, GRE and other examinations. With higher test scores, students position themselves to qualify for scholarships and/or low-cost tuition.

Finally, our students may (NOT mandatory) also elect to receive Intensive American Preparation (I.A.P.). This is an optional feature where we'll work with students to prepare them for America's way of life. We have found that I.A.P. is helpful for our students to successfully navigate various features of the American-lifestyle, idiosyncrasies, expressions and behavior.

Your new life's journey awaits. Give us a call at +234.806.764.7511 or send an email to

info@kfiacademy.org to receive an application or further information.